Race is cancelled!


Due to technical errors with the game Raceday Horses, we’ve decided to cancel the Triple Crown promotion.

All participants in the first race will get their losses refunded to their accounts (within 48 hours) + a small extra gift for the trouble.

But hey, we have something BIG just around the corner. Stay tuned!


Terms and conditions

  1. If players opt-in to the above promotion and wager during the stated promotional period(s), the players’ account will automatically be entered into the above promotion(s) using the nickname and email address you have chosen.
  2. If players wish to change their chosen nickname or email address, they can request the change via our livechat support on CasinoFair.com
  3. In order to opt into the promotion, players must submit a valid email address and the Ethereum address they used during the verification and wallet setup processes on CasinoFair. Players must also submit a Nickname of their choice. By submitting a Nickname players consent to having their nickname and amount wagered displayed on the CasinoFair promotions page throughout the promotion period. Players must also submit an email address. By submitting their email address, players consent to be contacted by CasinoFair in the event that they win. Players will be ineligible for this promotion if they submit an invalid wallet address, an address not owned by the player themselves or an address which does not match the address from the player’s MetaMask browser extension used during the signup process for verification and terms acceptance.
  4. CasinoFair reserves the right to remove the above promotion from the promotions offered at CasinoFair at any time
  5. Should a player’s account be suspended or closed for any reason during the promotional period, or CasinoFair suspects a player of fraudulent activity, that player will be ineligible to win any prize associated with the promotion. If the eventual winner is deemed to be ineligible for this promotion for any reason stated in these terms or our standard Terms & Conditions, another winner will be selected.
  6. CasinoFair reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time for any reason without notice to players.
  7. CasinoFair reserves the right to withhold bonus prizes if they deem the user has acted outside the spirit of the promotion
  8. Standard CasinoFair terms & conditions apply