CAPTAINS LOG - FUNdate - 47634.44

Thanks to all our racers, the competition is now closed.
Get suited and space booted! MoonRacer is back and bringing the $FUN! Among the ice and dust of Saturn's rings, valuable $FUN has been spotted. But are you quick enough for this interstellar gold rush?
Veteran racers know that first to arrive in Saturn's orbit nabs the most cash! Although no cosmic rays have been detected on this flight path, new parameters have been delivered from command.

  • Real-time leaderboards: A new race means new equipment, and CasinoFair is bringing real-time leaderboards to the space front. Racers will see their wagering rocket them up the board as they play in the casino.
  • Instant and Slots only: As a gas giant, Saturn doesn't have a true surface, and it's throwing all our instruments out of whack. So for this event, you only earn fuel for your ship by wagering on instant and slots games.
  • No Volunteers: That's right! No enlistment required. If you play on slots or instant games, you are racing. Your ship will be automatically assigned; it's too late to back out now!

Racers who don't have the mettle to make it to Saturn can still take part via our weekly progressive pot. All MoonRacer wagering powers the pot and you must be suffering from space sickness if you didn't want to claim your tickets.
The weekly Progressive Jackpot has also been affected by Saturn, and from Tuesday tickets are capped at 15 daily tickets throughout the two weeks of the competition.
Player earn tickets for every 10,000 $FUN wagered.
Saturn, the Roman God of Wealth, has the $FUN, are you brave enough to claim it?

Reels, Rings and Rockets,
begins on thE 27th of October
and lasts two weeks.

MOON RACER 9:0 Reels, Rings & Rockets

27th October 00:00 GMT - 10th November 00:00 GMT

So, that's the mission: to venture through the depths of space, reach the rings of Saturn and claim your stake.

And buried within the spinning rings of Saturn is up to 1.725 million FUN for those on our leaderboard!

Leaderboard - 1.725 Million $FUN

The quickest racer has the opportunity to take home the highest prize! Do you have the mettle, the reaction speed, and the right ship to take the top spot?

  • Prizes are allocated to players in order of who has wagered the most at CasinoFair (NOT including Table Games) during the Moon Racer promotional period.
  • The final leaderboard is shown below:
Position Total WagerUsernameShip NamePrize
1st8,888,880MulanRougeTerrestrial Tripper550,000
2nd8,245,960RaphGreased Lightnin300,000
3rd4,968,200Tiger93Galactic Cannibal250,000
4th4,825,150FishGoesDONKNitro Nebula200,000
5th2,289,300LimeJuiceRadar Reaper180,000
6th1,922,4600x7648....C7d3Galactica Stella90,000
7th1,119,200KenTavrMilky Way Marauder70,000
8th988,480MisterEsipRetrograde Razor50,000
9th948,4500x3520....9A69Zero Gravity20,000
10th622,6000x7F6e....6d43Dark Matter Dwarf15,000

Red Shirt Award - 50,000

For the racer unlucky enough to lose the most $FUN during the course of the competition will be awarded a 50,000 FUN bounty.




ShipRacer NamePlayer NameScoreTicketsTicket StartTicket EndPrizeLucky Moon
Terrestrial TripperQueen Rebecca27,296,17028128750,0001,345,707
Nitro Nebulastevkov26,283,350282956500,000
Greased LightninRobo-Advisor21,757,123285784350,000
Millenium WarriorMilliemaileymaggie17,075,4402385107300,000
Singularity StreamerAfabinhoo07,961,50228108135250,0001,345,707
Divine InterventionNehaB7,108,63722136157125,000
Hyperspeed RacerMurph3,331,75214158171100,00025,000
Photon BattlerErzengel2,797,1602317219475,000
Nightshade NebulaTor610,550719520130,000100,000
Venus VendettaRakoosha374,055620220720,000
Galactic CannibalJung341,90025208232
Atomic ApolloMoonTrea$ure294,8009233241
Rocky RavagerKingMe252,96811242252
Saturn SpeedsterMinnie222,71524253276
Satellite SuperNovaAndy201,31624277300
Quasar CaptainFiery168,86524301324
Solar Stargazergimmix1957164,513732533150,000
Ecliptic ErasureBoybait146,1509332340
Newton NemesisDoncanutski146,1501134135175,000
Star Furycapsized57,3807352358
Double Star Demonlehoangdung14552,1001359359
Star SurferPiP50,7002360361
Galaxy GladiatorR-no32,5606362367
Solar SprinterHublot3318,0304368371
Duskdawn Rebelmukai14,9761372372
Solar Spark PlugRuliabrori13,5801373373
Mars MonsterSailz12,8386374379
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