Ninjas don’t wish upon a star, they throw them!

Promotion Dates 29/07/20 12.01am BST to 11.59pm BST 11/08/20

The Dojo doors have been opened and our new game has burst into the Casinofair games lobby.

You need to battle for the future against the robotic Shogan Overlord’s army. And if successful you can win up to 114 times your bet.

Every fight takes you closer to the boss in this rock-paper-scissors-inspired game, where you control the action and can win prizes for winning or tying in a fight. Play single fights, best of 3, streak wins, or the amazing Battle mode that combines all the other types for a massive potential prize!

Coupling an arcade fighting game style with an easy to understand mechanic it should appeal to those wanting a rich gaming experience. Along with games such as The Getaways and Fun Mountain, we have again expanded our portfolio into genres that you do not find on any other casino.

2% Accumulator Jackpot

To add to the fun, we are offering all our ninja warriors tickets into an accumulator for the game.

2% of all wagered FUN will continue to grow the jackpot over the course of the promotion. Only bets placed within the Legend of the Ninja are counted towards the pot.

Every 5,000 FUN bet in Legend of the Ninja acquires players 1 ticket to the draw.

There is no cap on tickets as we don’t want to dissuade players from taking down the Shogan Overlord!

So get to the games lobby and choose from the red ninja Hiro, or the high kicking heroine Yui.

Terms and conditions

  1. You must have a CasinoFair account to be eligible to enter this promotion.
  2. Should a player’s account be suspended or closed for any reason during the promotional period, or CasinoFair suspects a player of fraudulent activity, that player will be ineligible to win any prize.
  3. CasinoFair reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time for any reason without notice to players.
  4. CasinoFair reserves the right to withhold bonus prizes if they deem the user has acted outside the spirit of the promotion.
  5. Standard CasinoFair terms & conditions apply.
  6. Accumulator pot amount will be updated daily

Total Wagering2% Pot

 WagerUsernameTicketsTicket StartTicket End

FUN Token
USD Token
1000 FUN = $xxxx
Terms & Conditions