The Important Stuff

  • Weekly Prize Draw   250,000 FUN tokens to be won every week
  • Monthly Mega Draw   1,000,000 FUN tokens to be won every month
  • How to enter –  Opt-in and wager at least 1,000 FUN at CasinoFair during the promotional period to qualify for BOTH draws

How to Enter

Are you a registered player at CasinoFair?

No? Then sign up HERE and opt-in on the form below to enter the Millionaire Maker prize draws and have your chance to win up to 2,000,000 FUN tokens every month!

Already a player? No worries, just make sure you opt-in on the form below by choosing a nickname, email and wallet address.

250,000 Weekly FUN token draw

Compete for the weekly FUN draw. Every Friday, the player with the winning ticket will win 250,000 FUN tokens.

1,000,000 Mega FUN token draw

Players who opt-in for the weekly FUN draw will automatically be entered to the monthly draw on the 1st day of every month.

Tickets earned throughout the month will be totted up, with one mega draw randomly determining a winner.

On April 30th, the player with the winning ticket wins 1,000,000 FUN tokens.

How to win tickets

Players can compete for tickets to both the weekly prize and mega prize draws.
Tickets are acquired by the amount of FUN tokens wagered each week, as shown below.

Total Wagered Prize Draw Tickets Earned
1,000 FUN 1 Ticket
10,000 FUN 10 Tickets
100,000 FUN 150 Tickets
For every 25,000 FUN wagered over 100,000 receive 25 Tickets

Ticket totals will then revert to zero for the next monthly draw, meaning players will have different ticket totals for weekly and monthly draws, so make sure you check the leaderboards to see how you are faring!

Terms and conditions

  1. The weekly and monthly millionaire maker promotions are open to all CasinoFair players who have opted-in to our millionaire maker promotion by completing the opt-in form below.
  2. Once you opt-in to the millionaire maker promotion, if you wager during a millionaire maker promotional period, your account will automatically be entered into millionaire maker promotions using the nickname of and email address you have chosen.
  3. If players wish to change their chosen nickname or email address, they can request the change via our livechat support on
  4. In order to opt into the promotion, players must submit a valid email address and the Ethereum address they used during the verification and wallet setup processes on CasinoFair. Players must also submit a Nickname of their choice. By submitting a Nickname players consent to having their nickname and amount wagered displayed on the CasinoFair promotions page throughout the Millionaire Maker competition. Players must also submit an email address. By submitting their email address, players consent to be contacted by CasinoFair in the event that they win. Players will be ineligible for this promotion if they submit an invalid wallet address, an address not owned by the player themselves or an address which does not match the address from the player’s MetaMask browser extension used during the signup process for verification and terms acceptance.
  5. To qualify for the prize draws, the player must complete one of the wagering requirements in the table above within the current promotion week or month to acquire a millionaire maker ticket or tickets.
  6. Tickets prizes stated in the table are not cumulative.
  7. Players can acquire an unlimited amount of tickets within the promotional period.
  8. Player wagering total is cumulative and players can wager “FUN tokens” on any game displayed in the CasinoFair lobby.
  9. The weekly prize draw will award one prize of 250,000 FUN tokens every week
  10. The monthly prize draw will aware on prize of 1,000,000 FUN tokens every month
  11. CasinoFair reserves the right to remove the millionaire maker promotion from the promotions offered at CasinoFair
  12. The weekly millionaire maker prize draw will not be live-streamed, funds will be sent out without any announcement of the winner’s address or identity.
  13. Should a player’s account be suspended or closed for any reason during the promotional period, or CasinoFair suspects a player of fraudulent activity, that player will be ineligible to win the prize draw. If the eventual prize draw winner is deemed to be ineligible for this promotion for any reason stated in these terms or our standard Terms & Conditions, another winner will be selected.
  14. CasinoFair reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time for any reason without notice to players.
  15. Standard CasinoFair terms & conditions apply


Weekly Draw 250,000FUN Prize Winners

  1. Jung
  2. Rebecca

Monthly Mega Draw 1,000,000FUN Prize Winners

  1. Roy
  2. Steve
  3. Rebecca

Total FUN Won


Opt in

For your chance to become a crypto-millionaire, simply enter a valid email address and your Metamask wallet address associated with your FunPass. You are not required to opt-in if you have already opted in to a previous millionaire maker competition.

This is how we’ll contact you if you win.
This is where we’ll send the FUN tokens if you win. It must also match the address you used in the FunPass verification process.