Moon Racer 4: Trek to Titan

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Promotion dates: 20th November 00:00 GMT – 15th December 23:59 GMT


It’s the final stint of our Moon Racer adventures for 2019 and this time, we Trek to Titan!

To put a twist on things, we’ve added in a weekly Mini Moon Racer component.

At the end of each week, the top wagering player on that group of games wins 100,000 FUN to fuel up their engines!

This gives you the chance to win FUN prizes throughout the promotional period to keep your engines fully fueled for the race.

We will still be offering up our usual HUGE prizes for the full promotional period. We’ve got a whopping 800,000 FUN up for grabs in our XP Wagering Prize and 250,000 FUN for our Lucky Moon Money Prize Draw. More information about the prizes can be seen on the ‘promotion prizes’ tab.

On top of this, we’re throwing in two new prizes to give you all a bigger chance of winning…

Introducing the ‘Next Armstrong Prize’ and the ‘Faulty Boosters Prize.’ We haven’t made trophies yet but we are happy to offer out 75,000 FUN to each of these awards. These prizes are both based around your win/loss performance against the house over the promotional period.

So what are you waiting for… 1,500,000 FUN up for grabs?!

To enter, complete the OPT-IN form shown below and GET RACING!

This is the nickname that will be shown on the Moon Racer leaderboards
This is how we’ll contact you if necessary during the promotional period
This is the FunFair wallet address we will use to track your performance. It is also where we’ll send any winnings. It must also match the address you associated with your CasinoFair account.

Terms and conditions

  1. If players opt-in to the Moon Racer promotion and wager during a Moon Racer promotional period, the players account will automatically be entered into Moon Racer promotions using the email address and FunFair Wallet Address.
  2. The Race will take start at 00.00 GMT on Wednesday 20th November 2019 and will end at 23:59 GMT 15th December 2019.
  3. In order to opt-in to the promotion, players must submit a valid email address and the wallet address they used during the verification and wallet setup processes at CasinoFair. Players must also submit a username.
  4. By submitting their email address, players consent to be contacted by CasinoFair.
  5. Players will be ineligible for this promotion if they submit an invalid wallet address.
  6. Player wagering total is cumulative and players can wager “FUN tokens” on any game displayed in the CasinoFair lobby
  7. CasinoFair reserves the right to remove the Moon Racer promotion at any time.
  8. The Moon Racer prize draw will not be live-streamed
  9. Wagering on games that are not ‘moon racer games’ during the time frame you have played them is not counted towards any moon racer prizes
  10. Should a player’s account be suspended or closed for any reason during the promotional period, or CasinoFair suspects a player of fraudulent activity, that player will be ineligible to win the prize draw. If the eventual prize draw winner is deemed to be ineligible for this promotion for any reason stated in these terms or our standard Terms & Conditions, another winner will be selected
  11. CasinoFair reserves the right to modify or terminate this promotion at any time for any reason without notice to players
  12. CasinoFair reserves the right to withhold bonus prizes if they deem the user has acted outside the spirit of the promotion
  13. Standard CasinoFair terms & conditions apply

What’s up for grabs?

Lucky Moon Prize Draw

Here’s one for everyone to enjoy. Get your chance to win part of a 250,000 FUN prize pot during the promotional period by wagering 10,000 FUN.

How to win Lucky Moon Draw Prize tickets:

  • Wager 10,000 a day on any of the weeks ‘Moon Racer Games’ and you get 1 ticket to the grand prize
  • Accumulate 25 tickets and we’ll give you an extra 10
  • Maximum of 35 tickets per player

Wagering XP Prize Pot:

  • Wagering XP prizes are allocated to players in order of who has gained the most Moon Racer XP at CasinoFair during the Moon Racer promotional period
  • The Wagering XP Prize for each XP position are shown below

Wagering XP Prize Pot

XP Position Prize
1st 500,000 FUN
2nd 150,000 FUN
3rd 75,000 FUN
4th 50,000 FUN
5th 25,000 FUN

Weekly Highest XP Prizes

Highest XP Player Week 1 = 100,000 FUN – JoeJoe Adams

Highest XP Player Week 2 = 100,000 FUN – Queen Rebecca

Highest XP Player Week 3 = 100,000 FUN – Queen Rebecca

Random prizes

The Next Armstrong Prize = 75,000 FUN

*This prize is allocated to the player that has the highest overall balance against the house on moon racer games over the promotional period

The Faulty Boosters Prize= 75,000 FUN

*This prize is allocated to the player that has the lowest overall balance against the house on moon racer games over the promotional period

Land your craft safely!

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Week 3

Queen Rebecca9,002,730
JoeJoe Adams3,034,067

Moon Racer Week 2

Moon Racer Games

For the final week of Moon Racer 4: Trek to Titan players can gain XP on ALL GAMES at

There will be NO double XP time periods until the end of the promotion.