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Instant real-time commission on every bet, straight into your wallet

Lifetime commission

Once you've referred a player, they're affiliated to you for life

No hidden fees

All activity is on the transparent blockchain, meaning no disputes around payment or performance

Guaranteed fairness

Guaranteed fairness, leading edge blockchain technology.

How to get started

1. Create or use an existing ERC20 wallet

2. Sign up

3. Agree to our terms and conditions

4. Receive your personalised link via email

5. Share your link & start earning!

What's in it for you

Get your share

Revenue share equivalent to 10% of Gross Gaming Revenue on active players referred to us through your link

*Refer to FAQ’s below for more information on calculation of commission


1. How much will I earn?

Revenue share is calculated on stake or total bet throughout a game session factoring in game RTP. This referral program offers referrers the equivalent of 10% on Gross Gaming Revenue which will be paid directly into your wallet at the end of every game session played by a referred player.

2. How is commission calculated?

Example 1 – Slots

Player X (after referral) is playing on Slot Y which hosts a 5% house edge
If they bet 1,000,000FUN, in the long term they’d return 950,000FUN, with a house win of 50,000FUN (GGR)
Affiliate revenue (Universal Offer) is the equivalent 10% of GGR, so 50,000*0.1(10%) = 5,000FUN
Also equates to 0.5% of total wagered

Example 2 – Blackjack

Player X (after referral) is playing on Blackjack which hosts a 2% house edge
If they bet 1,000,000FUN, in the long term they’d return 980,000FUN (if playing best strategy), with a house win of 20,000FUN (GGR)
Affiliate revenue (Universal Offer) is the equivalent of 10% of GGR, so 20,000*0.1(10%) = 2,000FUN
Also equates to 0.2% of total wagered

*Gross gaming revenue: Sometimes known as house win, can be calculated as player bets minus player wins.

Click below for sample calculations and comparison:

Referral Program Commission Calculations

3. Where can I promote CasinoFair?

CasinoFair accepts players from: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Finland, Indonesia, India, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Republic of Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, Uruguay & Vietnam

4. How can I check my Stats?

All transactions are recorded in real-time on the blockchain. Stats can be checked at Should you need more information you can contact our Marketing team for assistance.

5. Can I refer myself?

It is not permitted to join our referral program and use the website benefits for your own personal gain.

6. Which wallets do you support?

We currently support the FunFair Wallet & Metamask on our platform. We are constantly reviewing our wallet options and will be ensuring we can accept others in future versions of the platform.